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Improvement of employee evaluation and recruitment processes with an internal application.


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Using Evally makes employee development and recruitment easier and faster. The application provides many opportunities for better team administration.






Discovery Phase


Facilitate Railwaymen to conduct an employee evaluation process and develop a tool to support company recruitment.


Develop a technology solution that meets our evaluation and recruitment needs.


Evally was developed as a result of Railwaymen’s internal initiative to improve the employee evaluations and recruitment process. The application was designed to meet the administrative needs of monitoring employee development and their emerging needs. The tool also influences the recruitment process by gathering information about the company’s recruitment activities. People responsible for hiring new employees have at their disposal detailed profiles of candidates or a summary of particular stages of the process. Thanks to Evally, hiring can be conducted in a shorter time, without losing the quality of recruitment.

Szymon, Senior Ruby on Rails Developer ​

“Open-source projects are a great opportunity to gain knowledge and broaden your horizons! In the Evally case I have a chance to familiarize myself with Vue.js – this more and more popular JavaScript framework. In a short time we at Railwaymen have launched a simple web application which has two key areas of usage: 1) a tool for team leaders to evaluate and track the skills of team members, 2) a tool for our HR Team to collect data from candidate’s applications, evaluate them and manage the whole recruitment. It wasn’t a big effort but now is a huge advantage of feedback for our team.”


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After logging into the application, the dashboard appears. It contains drafts of employee evaluations and a reminder of upcoming reviews with employees. This section contains a full list of employees, which can be filtered based on position, team affiliation or person who will be responsible for the evaluation.

By selecting one of the employee profiles it is possible to check the results of previous interviews, date of employment, contract number, dates of upcoming review and the employee’s development path so far. This view is only available to the person giving the evaluation. Each employee can obtain an individual link that includes their evaluation from their most recent evaluation.

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During the review, each employee is rated on their skills on a three-point scale. This type of measurement helps e.g. in selecting the right people for new projects, where one of the criteria is experience in a specific field. These ratings are updated with each review meeting. Employees are also verified for soft skills using yes/no designations. The final form of evaluation is the text evaluation, where any thoughts on the evaluation are written down by the evaluator.


Evally makes it easy to create templates to support employee evaluations. This saves time throughout the process and automation of data. The created templates can be modified at any time as desired. The ability to co-create content with designated coworkers is also a convenience. All you have to do is tag the appropriate person to receive an email notification with an invitation to edit.



recruitment funnel


This functionality allows individual candidates to be grouped based on the stage of recruitment they are at. Access to this tool is granted to persons responsible for recruitment (including Product Managers of particular teams to which recruitment is carried out). Each user who meets the requirements to have access to the funnel must first be assigned to it. By conveniently moving candidates on the timeline, you can plan the dates of subsequent stages, feedback emails and estimate the exact recruitment time for a specific position.

You can change your recruitment status on your candidate profile. The available statuses include:

evally templates


Evally has a Templates tab where users can prepare templates for recruitment interviews or evaluations. When preparing such a document, the user selects the destination where the file should be placed (evaluation or recruitment). In addition to all rating options, each editor can prepare questions and answer options which only the admin will have access to.

In the case of recruitment templates, you can place (pre-created) templates on a given candidate account for a given recruitment stage. There can be several of them, and each of them has the possibility of development.


One of Evally’s features is to streamline email communication. It delivers application messages from candidates to the inbox and segregates them properly. The email integration also applies to the recruitment process. Email templates are prepared, which candidates receive as a response back. This way, recruiting professionals can focus solely on each applicant’s feedback. This option works for outgoing messages. As for incoming messages, they are not saved in Evally (only fyi). The tool also enables HR Specialists to create email drafts for each stage of the recruitment process. In this way, feedback is given quickly and reaches every candidate applying for a position. Content creation is supported by autosave, which ensures that even when leaving the application the results of previous work will not be deleted.
evally notifications


Each user board has the option to add comments and tag users. Once tagged, the called person receives a special email notification. In this way, the entire recruitment process can run smoothly without fear of missing out on key issues. You can change your recruitment status on your candidate profile. The available statuses include:
project statistics


The tool generates extensive recruitment statistics. This makes it easy to analyze the number of applications for each position. Collected data can be compiled periodically without using tools such as Microsoft Excel. HR Specialists can generate monthly/yearly reports based on the collected statistics. In this way, it is possible to create average data related to the candidates’ expected salary, years of experience and even their skills.

Iwona, EB&HR Manager

“I appreciate the two modules of this tool and its impact on the quality of evaluations and recruitment processes in the company. As a Human Resources Specialist at Railwaymen, I can’t imagine my job without Evally. With this software, all recruitment efforts are simple and intuitive.“


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Evally is a tool that will work well in many business environments. It’s a web application that integrates features responsible for the process of employee evaluation and recruitment of candidates. While Evally currently supports the Railwaymen team in their day-to-day work, it has the potential to make an appearance in other areas. HR and EB processes in Railwaymen run more smoothly with this solution.


We have struggled with a good reviewing and evaluation system for years. Having the process built, we could not find a good tool on the market to fulfill our expectations. Therefore, we decided to build our own.

I am using Evally on a daily basis to provide employees evaluation as well as recruitment process. For both purposes it works just great!


Łukasz Młynek,

Co-Founder & CEO

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