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HomeAhead is a free, online network of homeowners, home buyers, and real estate professionals who want earlier and more information about homes and buyers in the neighborhood. It’s not another social network for sharing dog photos – HomeAhead is for better home buying and home selling transactions.

About company:

HomeAhead focuses on helping brokerages recognize and adopt modern technologies that are agent centric, consumer friendly, and mobile first.





“After a year of extensive collaboration I have gained a rare sense of confidence and respect for Railwaymen. Their fundamental dedication to engineering principles is a common thread in all their communication. This professional rigor struct me repeatedly as they reworked our rough ideas into profoundly clear and minimalistic products. You know you have found the right team when months into a massive application you review completed work feeling incredulous at the turnaround. I’m confident that years from now, as the cost savings and other benefits accrue, our appreciation of Railwaymen will continue to grow.”

Matt Jensen,

Frontend Developer

Talking in JSON​

Our Team was responsible for supplying Matt with every data he needs to engineer the best user experience possible. From simple data presentation layers to complex business logic, dialog between Rails API and modern JS libraries always occur in JSON. Whenever our team finished the feature it was delivered through our Continous Integration pipe to Matt in the form of handy swagger docs living on top of staging API server.


API docs done right

Swagger docs library is known as well grounded documentation standard for APIs. From the very beginning it was our go-to solution for getting Matt up to speed with request and response formats.

Karol, Senior RoR Developer​

“Matt was wonderful frontend partner to work with. We worked together for more than a year and thanks to Matt‘s wonderful communication skills never hit a wall with development. Matt was great both at telling us what he needs and suggesting solutions to problems. In order to always be on the same page we set up Continuous Integration process together with ChatOps so our slack bot would notify Matt few seconds after we push new feature to a staging server.”

Talking in English

Having handy API docs is nice, but nothing can replace a good ol‘ phone call. We used appear.in service to quickly jump on the call and together with Matt talk trough tasks and come up with idea satisfying client requirements. Leaving the meeting with clearly defined solutions speeds up development a lot on both sides.

rich search filters

Rich search filters

HomeAhead Marketplace API supports nearly 50 kinds of different search criteria to help you find your dream home. We got you covered from a number of bathrooms in the house to its historical price data. When you are finished with tweaking all of the various filters in your search you can save it for later and share with your friends! If your friends like it, they can copy it with one button and tweak their new search to their liking.

Minimalistic, efficient chat rooms

Buying your dream home is one of the most important decisions in your life. No wonder that you‘re drowning in your email inbox with different real estate agents, while each one of them is emailing you about the different property. It‘s pretty hard to keep your inbox clean and organized. That‘s why HomeAhead ships with minimalistic chat rooms which you can use to keep your real estate conversations organized. Have each one of your real estate agents in one place and never bother about flooded email inbox again.

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home ahead final app


Our dedication and hard work together with Matt‘s professionalism created the perfect product for modern Real Estate market. Whether you would like you to find your dream home or you would like you to sell your current house, HomeAhead will equip you with complete solution ranging from sophisticated search filters to dedicated Real Estate agent.


“It is a pleasure to work with the Railwaymen team. They did a great job creating our application and offered professionalism, expertise, and great customer service. I am impressed by how well they are able to understand our needs and add additional value to the process. Railwaymen works in truly agile mode, regularly delivering quality code. And communications were excellent throughout the entire project. We are looking forward to our next great collaboration and I would highly recommend Railwaymen to anyone seeking an honest and reliable partner.”

Dave Cunningham,

CEO, HomeAhead/Wishlist

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Joanna Brzezińska-Wajda - Head of Sales

Joanna Brzezińska-Wajda

Head of Sales