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SaaS platform for customer engagement, advertising and data collection


The tool guarantees a CTR up to 40% higher than for standard banner ads.


What challenges does the app help to solve?

InQuizits Interactive is an advertising and data collection platform that uses quizzes, contests and polls to find and engage customers. The surveys and quizzes created by users are used for promotional activities via social media and email messages. With InQuizits, any company can develop new business opportunities and integrate its customers. Thanks to the interactive form of the banners, click-through rates are higher than in comparison with video ads.


Project Management​






Creation of an interactive tool to support advertising campaigns and sales.


Making the audience interested in an interactive form of advertising that translates into more engagement from them.


The cooperation with InQuizits has been on a very good level since the first days. The company's goal was to develop an advertising platform that would deliver a highly engaging user experience for both brands and their customers. In order to achieve this, we formed a team of 7 people. Among them, Project Manager, frontend and backend developers, as well as QA and UX/UI specialists.

Bartosz, Product Owner

“Defining scope for this project was an interesting challenge. Together with Bill we had to define a scope for a lean MVP version, so his customers could use it as quickly as possible. At the same time, it had to stand out when compared to already existing competition. We’ve managed to do this by improving areas where other similar apps are lacking eg. by adding robust sharing and management options.”



The initial version of the tool included a basic admin panel with simple functionalities. A registered user can create a new quiz in the dedicated dashboard. Creating a project is easy. It can be edited at any time. Also, in the Overview tab, users can view basic statistics such as Lead Generated, Content Summary and Content Ongoing. Content like quizzes can be grouped within companies, so it’s easy to keep track of multiple campaigns. The permission system of each company makes it easy to let co-workers edit or share content with their customers.

Piotr, Senior Ruby on Rails Developer ​

“Developing an MVP application, it is important to choose the right means to achieve the goal. Using unsophisticated tools and not much time we managed to create a fully functional and intuitive content editor. I am very satisfied with the result.”


The quiz editor allows users to create their own custom quizzes by using the intuitive approach – What You See Is What You Get. They can use many available graphic templates or create their own quiz from scratch. Besides standard questions, users can insert additional screens like product placement. Quizzes can include text and graphics as well as links. In preview mode, users may check the quiz before publishing it.

Konrad, Senior Front-end Designer

“The project turned out to be quite a challenge, especially the content editor elements and its presentation on mobile devices. Moreover, team work in a group of front-end developers is always a nice experience.”


The advantage of InQuizits projects is that they can be easily shared in multiple ways. Through social media as well as by email. Sharing content can be done by generating a link, using Programmatic Banner Ads, QR Codes, Social Media Links and iFrame embeds. ​​The easy sharing of content has a great impact on the reach and effectiveness of the created campaign.


Arkadiusz, Front-end Developer

“For me, it was very satisfying and fun working on InQuizits. Besides standard Javascript there’s a great and intuitive content editor built on top of React.js. With the use of Bootstrap CSS framework with some overrides to adjust it to our needs. We achieved a very nice and smooth looking app with responsiveness out of the box. Can’t wait to see how it will evolve.”


InQuizits platform offers a rich media ad unit compatible with most ad servers. Using IQ’s Programmatic solution offers uplift to CPM, CPC and CPA/CPL revenue. Research has shown that the engagement in interactive banners surpasses even video results. At the same time, it builds a stronger relationship between the brand and the client than in the case of standard advertising.


Jan, Senior Front-end Developer

“Working on the Inquizits project was exciting and demanding. My main task was to prepare a template for quizzes to be published on advertising network in a Rich Media Format. The online advertising environment was challenging because of many constraints that normally aren’t a problem and also because of not so great documentation. It was a great opportunity to go back to the basics and to use them to the fullest.”


InQuizits has a payment model integrated with the Stripe platform. This makes it easy and secure to plug in a credit card and set up. Access to the tool applies to those who opt for a monthly subscription, as well as for trial users who want to test the solution. Thanks to the subscription fee, the users have access to a professional marketing tool developed in the SaaS model.



4. UX / UI

One of our goals was to develop a platform that gives the user multiple ways to personalize content. We wanted the solution to be multi-functional, and easy to use at the same time. That is why we focused our attention on users of both traditional computers and mobile devices.

Ania, UX/UI Designer

“The most challenging part of the project was making sure that the content editor allowed for many different customisation options while being intuitive and easy to use. Another part of the design process was making sure that the editor works great not only on desktops, but also on much smaller mobile devices. This allows users to quickly edit content even without access to their computer”

5. QA

Testing of InQuizits mainly covered all functionalities of this marketing platform. We paid a lot of attention to solutions related to sharing content (quizzes) between users. The application gives several such ways, so each of them required a thorough analysis. Apart from content sharing, equally important for us were the functions of inviting friends to use the application, the subscription option and the payment methods.

Joanna, Quality Assurance

“I really enjoyed working on the Inquizits project. Due to its available options – the possibility of sharing the quiz in various ways. (Embed with iFrame, Rich media – digital advertising, via link) Testing inviting new teammates, subscriptions and payments-there were many paths here, with lots of interesting variations. A great cooperating team and a product-oriented customer.”


inquizits final app


The result of our activities to date is the development of a project MVP, which includes the basic functionality of the tool. Standard banner ads had a click-through rate of up to 40% lower than those from InQuizits. In the near future, we will focus on implementing further solutions, which include new content types and more robust data and statistics dashboards.


When building a new platform having a team that does not just blindly follow your directions, but offers product and design suggestions was a breath of fresh air. The team at RailwayMen did just that from UX/UI to project management and developers, their input was tremendous in getting us to where we are today.


Bill McDonnell,

Founder & CEO, InQuizits

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Joanna Brzezińska-Wajda - Head of Sales

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