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LaunchMatic is a project started by Tim Jones that empowers mobile app developers and marketers to generate app screenshots – for iOS & Android, instantly and without a designer.

Tim worked as the Product Growth Manager for Keepsafe Photo Vault, where he needed to create 1600 app screenshots for 5 different devices and 35 languages. Luckily, he had the whole talented UX Design team at his disposal. But not everyone has got those kinds of resources. That’s why he decided to create LaunchMatic, to automate app screenshot design and localization!

What challenges does the app help to solve?
App Screenshots are very important to promote apps yet not everyone can afford a UX Designer (or a team) who will create, adjust to the specific store and translate them on a daily basis. With the help of Launchmatic, you or your teammates can do that by yourselves, without any graphic design skills required!


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We were chosen by Tim to create Launchmatic because he already did one project with us 7 years ago and was satisfied with the result. Building mutual trust between the client and a software house is hard – there are no shortcuts here, you need to give your absolute best both in terms of quality and communication. Luckily, we seem to know how to do it right – so we were very excited to work with Tim again!

Tim Jones, CEO Launchmatic

“I’ve not only cooperated with Railwaymen before, but we have a long 7-year relationship and I have used them at prior companies. They are a fantastic option for any stage of your company. I’ve used them to built entire products, to take slack off my full-time engineers, and to work on other side-projects that aren’t assigned priority within the team. They are great with web and native apps.”

We’ve started the development part of the Launchmatic App in January 2020. There was an existing version of the software already built by another app developer, but in the end – Tim wasn’t satisfied with the result. So as we looked at the code we decided – it’s time to rewrite!

When it comes to our team structure – we’ve been very flexible throughout the whole time. The core team was 3 people: 1 x Backend Developer & Team Leader, 1 x Project Manager, and 1 x Quality Assurance Specialist. When there was a need, additional developers were added to the team and it was discussed prior with Tim each time.

Michał, Project Manager

“Despite the time differences between California and Poland, we were able to meet and collaborate on sprint tasks and backlog grooming. Even though we encountered some challenges we were able to repay our technical debts thanks to the Agile approach. It is also worth noting that communication with the Client was exceptional – there was no topic too difficult to discuss.”



This web application core is an intuitive and advanced screenshots generator. As a Launchmatic user, you can pick from a selection of ready-made app screenshot designs created and tested by App Store Optimization experts and UI designers. Each of the templates available in the app is 100% customizable! Without any UX or technical knowledge, you can add your own text, alter the background, and more.
launchmatic screenshot designer

Paweł, QA Specialist

“When you look at the Launchmatic, at the first sight, you might think that it is a pretty simple application. Yet when it comes to Quality Assurance – it is definitely not! With each sprint, we add new features to it, so testing the app as a whole becomes challenging.

Another thing is, that this app has got a majority of graphic elements. So testing them is entirely different in comparison to, for example, accounting apps. The errors are mostly connected with those graphics missing or not rendering right. Yet thanks to taking deep care of the performance of our tests, we managed to launch the app where everything works just as it is supposed to!”

ios android screenshots designs


What Tim struggled with in his prior job, was the need to create a separate screenshot for each iOS and Android device. This takes hours of work and requires a deep, deep focus from a UX Designer side. Thanks to Launchmatic, you design your screen once, and the app automatically adjusts it to all devices, which saves you tons of work!


What is innovative in Launchmatic, that it has got a Google Translator integration. Thanks to it, you no longer have to translate each of your screenshots, hiring dedicated people with language skills, and pay them extra to do it. You create different language versions of your screenshot with a click of a button or manually input your translations for easy export yourself. This helps a lot when you plan to go with your app internationally and need different marketing materials for that!
caption translations

Adam, Ruby on Rails Developer & Team Leader

“One of the biggest challenges was to write Screenshots Generation mechanisms (scripts) to be easily extendable and independent from the user environment/browser. Moreover, the whole process was meant to be smooth and non-blocking for the user, where underhood thousands of images are fetched, generated and packed to archives. Utilizing resources in a way that prevents browser crashes, but also making the exporting process as fast as possible – that was our main goal with this functionality, and we’ve achieved it with success!”




launchmatic final application


Our plans to develop Launchmatic are ambitious. From the very beginning, we’ve built this app to make it easily expandable in the future. What at the beginning looked like a simple screenshots generator, grows bigger with each sprint to an advanced graphic design & marketing tool. The whole app development process was based on the feedback that Tim got from his early users and we still plan to add new features, whenever they will require them.

We’re open to creating an app, waiting for our client to test it on the market, and then coming back to the development after time. We care about your success so we will always be glad to welcome you back! Our 5 stars on Clutch that we’ve received from Tim shows clearly that we’re a good long-term partner – no matter when it comes to one project or several different ones!


“Unless you are a highly technical product manager I suggest getting a PM. Not only will they help manage your engineers while you’re asleep (granted you live in the West) but they provide a much needed buffer for some of the less technical clients to ask questions to. Also much easier to plan meetings and agendas with them as they will be much more communicative.

Railwaymen goes above and beyond to provide high-quality results at reasonable rates. The team is hard-working and organized, establishing a smooth workflow. They’ve quite literally built everything from the ground up and there wouldn’t be a product without them!”


Tim Jones,

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