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Remark is an online collaboration tool that enables individuals to play, annotate, review, and approve videos. The main aim of the project is to enable users to exchange information about movies. This is a perfect solution for the film industry, where you can accelerate the production of films from different industries (eg. advertising, documents, interviews, reports, etc.).






The origins of work on this project date back to the early years of RWM. Initially, the project was to serve as a survey aggregator, but in 2013 it was renamed as an application dedicated to video creators. The main idea was to simplify communication between the editor and the client.

The developed editor generates a video file and then shares it with the client, who was able to share his insights on specific timestamps. In addition, it also has the ability to edit specific movie frames to change the composition. Remark was equipped with the option to include voice notes at a selected moment in the edited video.

After a while, Remark became part of a larger platform designed for the video production market. The project was maintained by our team for about 8-9 years.

Tomasz, Senior RoR Developer

“Remark is an application developed by our team for about 6 years. During this period the technological stack changed and evolved into the latest technology, which most of them are: Ruby on Rails, Backbone, CoffeeScript, Sass and Haml. In the application, you can also find a module written in angular. We have put a lot of work into the maintenance of the video player, which is the core functionality. It is dynamically adapted to the source of the video material, while preserving the same UI, so that the user does not feel lost. Streamlining source files from a variety of less common file-sharing services is also a great challenge, as well as a great opportunity to explore such solutions on a large scale.”


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Remark is supposed to simplify the exchange of information on specific elements in the film. For example, the editor throws the first version of the movie, the client checks the whole and notes the timeline as a comment. It can be added a standard comment, an audio comment, and even use a tool that will allow drawing on the film’s retained frame. This way it can be better illustrated what changes are expected.
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In addition, Remark allows for synchronous playback of movies so that each viewer can accurately see the same at the same time. And keep in touch with other people by adding comments.


Another remarkable improvement is the ability to upload a video to your preferred distribution channel. The most popular: dropbox, box, sharefile, etc.
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Georgetown University


Remark is also a solution used by Georgetown University for which it has been optimized for functionality and visual. Other services can be easily integrate with Remark by using API, which allows for the quick and effective use of implemented solutions within their own service (e.g StudioNow).

Quite interesting was the implementation of authorization using SLAM technology (The Service Level Agreement Manager (SLAM) is used to establish an agreement between customer and provider about capacity and quality targets. SLAM is using INDIGO IAM for authentication and INDIGO CMDB for configuration and authorization for providers.). As a result, any university user with an internal ID in the facility’s system could easily authorize on our project, where it was used for collaborative course viewing, where students could ask questions through comments.



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Remark is the only online tool of its kind, which makes it possible to speed up the production of movies. It is an alternative to the current way of working, posting comments for different versions and transferring the whole between the editor and the client. Used by large, well-known global companies, film studios as well as individual users.
500 startups & TC


In conclusion, Remark makes it possible to speed up the production of movies. It is an alternative to the current way of working, posting comments for different versions and transferring the whole between the editor and the client. The biggest challenges: real-time synchronization of users while watching and integration with a huge number of sites to host files. Remark was successfully launched at TechCrunch Disrupt and seen on many prestige tech portals, such as TVTechnology, TheNextWeb. Remark raised an undisclosed amount / Seed from 500 Startups and Capital Factory


“Railwaymen are extremely professional, up-to-date on technology trends, and a true reliable partner that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for development firms. Their project managers speak perfect English and effectively communicate what needs to be developed to their developers who range from enthusiastic young aspiring developers to the experienced mentors that make sure the quality of the work is on par with the best money can buy.”


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