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Triple Tied Out

Verified Financial Audits For Property Managers



About company:
The software allows users of popular property management systems to generate financial daily audits.
Audits are publicly available and could be used to confirm the property rental companies’ reliability.


To clean up and keep the property management industry clean!
Triple Tied Out is leading the charge on accounting standards with property managers, property owners, tenants, and even state regulators.

Where did the idea for building TTO come from

The idea for creating TTO was born from the users themselves.
Our clients actually asked us for it! This is the best way to build a tech product when your lients are asking for it and willing to pay for it!

Taylour Hou

Chief Happiness Officer, Triple Tied Out





Work on Triple Tied Out began at the initiative of a client who approached us with the idea of developing a solution responsible for generating daily property audits for users of popular management systems. The idea itself originated from feedback from TTO’s customers, who often suggested suggestions for developing this type of tool. Thanks to a number of useful integrations and adequate accessibility, the solution we developed together gained many supporters from the real estate industry. The project team consisted of:

1 x Product

2 x Frontend Developers

1 x Backend Developer

Adam, Ruby on Rails Developer ​

“The main goal of the application (Tripletiedout) is to support users in their daily work by automating repetitive processes. The application consists of many subsystems including web scraping, handling incoming e-mails and cooperation with external apps. The most difficult thing is to maintain correct operation of all subsystems, on which users’ work depends to a large extent, and at the same time one cannot rely on the stability of external data sources.”



Bank reconciliations Make sure that your recs are in balance, up to date, and that there are no uncleared deposits or expired checks.

Tenant liabilities Double check that you have enough cash to cover security deposits and prepayments.

Property balances
Ensure that all of your properties are staying in the positive to prevent commingling.

triple tied out table
triple tied out badge

Badge Verified Daily Audits

After audits you can share your badge on your website to potential investors and owners.This is valuable information for people who want to do business with you. It communicates your transparency and the value of working with your company.

Marcin, Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

“Application seems to be simple but under the hood there is a complicated logic, many integrations with external apis like Google drive, Sendgrid, Plivo, Asana, Stripe and more. The most difficult part of the project was to prepare failure-free PDF parsers that will allow the system to the data we need.”

triple tied out integrations


Another way of reaching customers for subscribers is using campaigns curated by JMA staff. Responsive board allows for segmenting contacts into groups, so only the appropriate content is being sent. Thanks to robust Drip integration subscribers can be sure that the content will reach correct people.

Segmentation of the clients helps to engage them effectively by matching relevant content. The automatic email system will contact the person after adding a name and email address.


triple tied out pdf export


Through the User Panel (also called Customer Portal), subscribers can view available content documents and control the sending of individual emails. Managers with proper permissions can add new customers, and by using the drag & drop method, determine in which column a particular client should be located.

James Marketing Amplifier Managers can add new subscribers and upload new files directly to the library. The Admin Panel gives them full control of uploaded content materials. They are able to add, edit, and assign documents to subscribers.

When adding new contacts for their subscribers, JMA staff can use a bulk import tool which allows for importing large amounts of data into the system. Thanks to intuitive validation and editing options, it’s easy to find any mistakes in imported data and quickly fix them – even when working with thousands of records.

Szymon, Junior Ruby on Rails Developer

“Working on ApMHELP is a constant challenge requiring from us developers a lot of attention and extensive knowledge of services with which we are integrated, and the ability to quickly adapt to changes occurring in these services. Additionally, when creating various solutions automating the auditing process we need to demonstrate our Reverse-Engineering skills in order to effectively obtain data without direct access to the API. “It is surprising how much can be found in JavaScript”

triple tied out user interface


Thanks to the integration with management systems and banks, it is possible to control all payments. Other integrations facilitate authorisation processes, the automatic collection of e-mails in the application or even the organisation of work inside the company.


Through the User Panel (also called Customer Portal), subscribers can view available content documents and control the sending of individual emails. Managers with proper permissions can add new customers, and by using the drag & drop method, determine in which column a particular client should be located.




tto final application


The result of our work with Triple Tied Out representatives is the creation of a tool that allows for convenient verification of financial audits among property managers. With this app, you can stay up to date with your financial records every day. Thanks to integration with bank accounts you can check through AppFolio if everything is correct. The idea behind TTO is to make it possible to obtain company documentation automatically, without the need for a physical visit to the company premises.


“I have been personally working with Railwaymen since 2012. I’ve brought them multiple projects and have had multiple companies using them. I love the company and I bring projects to them whenever I can.”


Taylor Hou,

Chief Happiness Officer, Triple Tied Out

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