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The Perfect Room

Digital marketplace with luxury decor experience

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About company:

The Perfect Room is a digital marketplace where the interior designed service has been turned into an online product. Founded by Kathryn M. Ireland – renowned designer based in LA, US.


The main purpose of the project is to bring luxury decor and beautiful rooms to everyone’s life in a few steps and make it customized based on specific criteria included in the quiz section. On the website, there are shoppable luxury decor packages with full-service installation available, that are delivered to the customer’s door. It’s a tailored solution to fit various styles and tastes.






During the development, the dedicated team had an opportunity to build a tailor-made application along with the complete luxury decor packages purchase process implementation. Developing such a customized marketplace required a lot of effort while finding and adjusting the best solutions but in the end, our developers delivered the software which met the customer and end-user needs.


Currently, everyone might be inspired by beautiful spaces, find the most exceptional collections and items designed by A-List Interior Designers. As a result of implementing the full purchase process, it is also possible to shop the whole collections or specific items online with the white glove delivery.


Our team was responsible for the whole software delivery process and quality assurance through the project duration. Before launching the site, we tested different cases to make sure that the provided platform is stable as well as secure.

Weronika Nowak, Project Manager ​

“The Perfect Room will always remain as an interesting as well as challenging project where our team had a chance to develop an exclusive marketplace for well known interior designers. Based on the customer needs and the requirements analysis, we provided the seamless user experience and make sure that the purchase process is running effectively and is highly secure.”



The most interesting part of the application, which makes The Perfect Room unique across the competition, is that our team implemented the style Quiz section on the main page.


As a result of having that feature, the user is able to find out the best collections based on his own choices and preferences. The goal of implementing the visual style quiz module was to make the process of ordering the luxury interior design packages easy. And it worked out excellently!

the perfect room quiz

Mateusz, RoR Developer

“The biggest challenge on the backend side was to create the complex visual style quiz which would be also user-friendly for its creators in the admin panel. As a result of our work, The Perfect Room administrators are able to manage the quiz flow and available collections in a specific room category. Our algorithm combines answers with individual rooms, giving the user the opportunity to find the perfect space that fits his style.”


Except of having the advanced style quiz on the site, the platform offers much more features and is providing a comprehensive online shop experience. The dedicated team also worked on the complete checkout process and integrating the site with Stripe payment provider. Users that made a purchase on The Perfect Room, have a possibility to view the order history.

the perfect room marketplace
the perfect room favourites


As we know, having the Favorites feature is crucial for the best user experience on each e-commerce platform. The Perfect Room is not an exception in this case, thus the dedicated team that worked on that project on our side has also developed such functionality. Users might save the whole collection or specific item that they like or remove that at any time.


Moodboards are accessible for those who are not sure about what type of collection style might fit their spaces best and are looking for a tailor-made design. On the marketplace, there are not only physical items available to purchase but also a design consultancy packages.

the perfect room moodboards
the perfect room customized platform


Based on our client’s requirements, we implemented the basic version of the content management system which allows site administrators to customize the specific sections on the main page as well as fully manage the Featured Designers section thanks to the user-friendly text and images editor.



Tracking the user behavior on the site is crucial for delivering the best luxury decor shopping experience and making sure that this experience is exceptional. It allows to easily analyze the general user flow and make adjustments based on statistics as well.


For making it work effectively on the platform, our team integrated Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to make sure that specific user actions are being tracked and reported.

the perfect room data tracking

Michał, RoR Developer

“In cooperation with Data Scientist on the client’s side, I had an opportunity to integrate the Google Tag Manager on The Perfect Room to make sure that we’re tracking the most important actions as well as we store enough data that is essential for the further development steps.
That was a great occasion to combine my developer experience with Data Scientist knowledge about data tracking.”

ava tax system


One of the most interesting integrations is connecting the platform with AvaTax system. As a result of having that on the site, we are able to automatically calculate the tax value based on the United States zip codes. It’s also updated swiftly in the order summary section to make it transparent for the user before completing the checkout process. On the other hand, our client has an opportunity to store and generate all invoices in one place.




the perfect room official app


Kathryn M. Ireland, The Perfect Room founder, has been recently featured in Elle Decor as a renowned interior designer. Most of the presented designs are available in shoppable packages on the site. Such packages include full room, essentials, and accents. There is also the possibility to book a design consultation with one of the top interior designers who are featured on The Perfect Room.


Moreover, all A-list interior designers that cooperate with The Perfect Room have been mentioned in other famous online magazines such as

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“During the years that you have worked with The Perfect Room, you have proved your capabilities and your skills to be effective.”

Kathryn M. Ireland,


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Joanna Brzezińska-Wajda - Head of Sales

Joanna Brzezińska-Wajda

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