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A few words about Kotlin?

Kotlin is a cutting-edge programming language created to be clear, expressive, and compatible with Java code already in use. Since its introduction, Kotlin has grown in popularity as a flexible language with several benefits for app development. It has been a favorite among developers for creating reliable and effective applications due to its clean syntax and smooth integration with Java. Embracing the power of Kotlin opens doors to a host of exciting possibilities for modern software development. Kotlin provides the tools and capabilities to turn every idea into reality. Railwaymen is committed to helping you make the most of this language to ensure the success of your projects from the start.

The reasons why Kotlin is worth using

Kotlin’s value lies primarily in its ability to integrate seamlessly with Java. This makes it easy for developers to use the knowledge they’ve gained and the resources they have, while discovering more innovations. Compatibility in the case of Kotlin can be seen in different types of applications, both for Android development and server-side solutions. Kotlin is not just a programming language, but a versatile solution that allows developers to design efficient and, in addition, modern applications.

Why businesses are implementing Kotlin?

Enhanced Productivity

Developers may create more expressive code with fewer lines of code using Kotlin’s short syntax and contemporary features, which boosts productivity and shortens development cycles.


Kotlin’s compatibility with Java makes it simpler for businesses with existing Java codebases to embrace and integrate Kotlin without having to completely rebuild their old code.

Safety and Reliability

The expressive type system and null safety features of Kotlin help to lower frequent programming errors and improve the overall stability of projects.

Improved Readability

Developers can more easily understand and work together on projects because of Kotlin’s clear and simple syntax, which improves code readability.

Community Support

The Kotlin community, which is expanding, offers a plethora of information, libraries, and tools to help developers with their projects, making the development process more effective.

What might be the determining factor in using Kotlin in a project?

Concise syntax

Simplifies code development by reducing the number of unnecessary templates, allowing developers to present their concepts with fewer lines of code. It also has a direct impact on greater readability and maintainability of code, making Kotlin the preferred choice for projects where clean and efficient code is a priority.

Type system and null safety

These factors guarantee strong compile-time checks to detect type-related errors in the early stages of development, resulting in fewer failures at runtime. Null safety features, such as nullable and non-nullable types, help prevent null pointer exceptions by enforcing safe handling of null values, ensuring code reliability and reducing common programming errors.

Extension functions

Allow developers to extend existing classes with new functions without modifying their source code. This promotes a more modular and reusable code base, allowing the creation of utility functions that can be applied to different types of data, and making code easier to organize and maintain.

Improve your projects with Kotlin

Are you prepared to go out on a journey that combines the most effective features of contemporary programming with tested compatibility? Railwaymen can serve as your guide. We are here to assist you with creating applications that stand out in the crowded market of today using our Kotlin knowledge. To learn more about the limitless potential Kotlin can provide your development projects, get in touch with us right away. Discover the possibilities that Kotlin offers. At Railwaymen, we are committed to turning your ideas into successful applications. Get in touch with us to learn how Kotlin can serve as the foundation of your upcoming software development project.

Which projects is Kotlin suitable for?

Because of its adaptability and strong features, Kotlin is a fantastic choice for a variety of applications. It excels at building apps for Android devices, and Google even supports it in this effort. It is ideal for creating Android apps that are full of features and effective due to its streamlined approach to writing code.

Kotlin also works well for building the back-end components of websites and online services, giving them the ability to handle numerous activities without stuttering. It can make it easier for developers to construct apps that function on a variety of gadgets, including PCs and smartphones.

In addition, Kotlin is employed in a variety of fields, including data analysis, game development, and even the construction of components for the “smart” devices we use on a daily basis. Thus, Kotlin is a versatile tool that may help you realize your ideas in a way that is user-friendly, whether you’re considering creating your own app, managing a website, or working on something completely different.

Create the dream app for your business with the support of Railwaymen

Railwaymen is a software house that has been on the market for more than a dozen years. We are engaged on a daily basis in providing the highest quality solutions for software development and various types of applications.

What distinguishes us is our experienced staff, who are eager to use their knowledge and skills to provide the client with the best possible quality of services. All our realizations are distinguished not only by their functionality, but also by advanced testing that checks every last detail before putting the product into the hands of the client. We offer the necessary support at every stage of the project and help you choose between native and cross-platform development.

Railwaymen also boasts knowledge of the realities of many industries. In our previous activities, we have had the opportunity to create projects for companies in the areas of: FinTech, MarTech, EdTech, FoodTech, Construction and many others.

Our team is eager to take on any challenge

What makes clients eager to work with us in the first place is our experienced team. On our board you will find experts with seniority of 2, 5, 8 or even 13 years in the company. Not every company can boast such an experienced yet close-knit team. About 42% of all positions in the company are seniors, who, in addition to having advanced skills, share them with the rest of the team.

What makes Railwaymen unique?

Our essential goal is to always improve while satisfying our clients’ expectations. We seek for areas where we may stand out from the competition and make our software house worth trusting. Here are a few of the characteristics that distinguish us.
We employ more than 30 diverse technologies to develop our projects
We build apps that truly increase our clients’ revenue (from +70 k active app users monthly to collecting $3 Million in Funding – we made it happen)
Dealing with different time zones is not a problem (the experience we gained in working with clients from the USA or the GCC region allowed us to develop a work system in such cases, and thanks to the available online tools we have no problem with real-time communication with the client)
42% of our staff are seniors experts with 2, 5, 8, or even 13 years of corporate experience.
We value long-standing business relationships
We have earned the title of Best Web Developers in Poland by Clutch.

Why should you start cooperation with Railwaymen?

we offer specialized expertise in React, a powerful framework for building perfect user interfaces

we develop software solutions that are scalable, maintainable, and of high quality
we advise our customers on the best approach to mobile development, whether native or cross-platform, based on project scope and requirements

we provide end-to-end web and mobile development solutions, from software architecture to UX/UI design, development, and testing

we ensure a smooth delivery process
we take steps to improve our customers’ online visibility
we provide custom web development solutions tailored to different industries
we help customers achieve their web and mobile development goals efficiently and effectively

What are the most important technical aspects of projects that Railwaymen focus on?

The most important is the architecture of the entire solution, where we decide whether to separately spin out the front-end by doing a single page app or undertake a collective integration. In addition, we make sure to use the latest versions of the tools we use during the implementation of each project.

We also take advantage of a large number of additional libraries that implement functionalities like authentication or authorization. In the case of external integrations, we try to do research on new libraries and available solutions for them.

During the final stage of development, we take care of the infrastructure. For this, we work with our in-house DevOps team to offer customers professional cloud solutions that are scalable. We have extensive experience in working on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and can offer the support of developers with certified skills in this area.

What are the prices of Kotlin services at Railwaymen?

Depending on the size of the project, the level of experience required and other factors, the price of Kotlin services can vary. Some service providers may offer a fixed price for the entire project, while others may charge an hourly rate. It’s important to discuss pricing and payment terms with service providers before starting work. At Railwaymen, the price for Kotlin services is determined based on prior meetings with the client, where the scope of the project and the details of its implementation are determined. Having a full set of information, we are able to estimate the exact costs of application development. Depending on the customer’s needs, we have two types of payments, which are listed below.

Fixed Price

Time & 
Material Cost

we mostly recommend

Our projects that were developed using Kotlin


Shawarmer is a bilingual software designed for the FoodTech industry in the GCC region. It operates on both iOS and Android operating systems, providing a seamless platform for efficient food ordering and delivery. With its user-friendly interface, customers can easily access and pay for catering services, while also having the option to rate their experience once the transaction is complete. Additionally, Shawarmer serves as a valuable analytics tool for restaurants. By gathering data on individual transactions, owners can perform detailed analyses through the administration panel. The App serves as a vital support system for restaurants in the GCC region.

NDA PROJECT (FoodTech client)

We collaborated with a Malaysian restaurant owner to craft an Order Management System and bilingual mobile app, enabling direct orders and circumventing high commissions during COVID-19. Our innovation empowered real-time kitchen coordination, bilingual user experience, live delivery tracking, and weather notifications. The integration with Stripe and Lalamove ensured secure transactions and reliable delivery. The result? Augmented customer loyalty, amplified financial control, and a platform for future business growth

Here are our customers' testimonials of working with Railwaymen:

The team’s ability to align with our goals is outstanding. We needed a full-stack development partner and Railwaymen has delivered up to our expectations. They understand the product and what we want to achieve for our clients.

Tore Andreas Hansen & Torstein Floden,

CostTracker Founders
Overall, I really liked their management and after viewing their portfolio, they seemed very capable of doing what I wanted. Also, they were very supportive of the project itself, which was important to me. More than just being willing to do it, they understood what I was trying to achieve and were keen on helping me obtain my objectives.

I’m very fortunate to have the partnership that I’ve had with them. Their team appreciates that we’re a startup and privately-funded project. I’ve received tremendous amounts of work compared to the amount of money I’ve given them.

Marcus Hamilton,

Founder & CEO, Frindow Ltd.
Railwaymen team helped us in rebuilding our Mobile applications with strong base. Their professionality made the process very smooth and fast. We did this in very short time even we had a lot of obstacles. Building the base in very professional way and as per the standard with the alignment of the up-to date technology helped us to start another project with them (KIOSK “self-service”) in very short notice and finished it as planned.

Abdulaziz AlMusaireae,

Brand Extension Director, Shawarmer
Our search for the right development team lasted for a month, interviewing over 30 companies. We are confident that our decision to go with Railwaymen was the perfect choice. Not only do you have direct access to the executive team but have a development staff with knowledge and creativity that is unmatched. We highly recommend adding them as your extended development team.

Jeff Gerardi,

President/CEO, ProEst

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