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A few words about PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is an example of an advanced open source database system that has been complementing SQL (Structured Query Language) for more than 35 years. This cooperation makes both technologies capable of storing and scaling demanding yet complex data workloads at the same time. PostgreSQL is used in the development of Railwaymen projects because of its architecture, integrity, and extensive feature set. With the help of this database system, we are able to develop projects at the highest level.

Benefits of Using PostgreSQL

Multiplicity of functions

An undeniable benefit of using PostgreSQL is access to a sizable number of functions whose role is to support developers in the application development process. These functions are responsible for supporting the creation of the project and ensuring that it is free of any failures. The multitude of functions makes it possible for application developers to meet even the most complex requirements.

Support for standards

PostgreSQL offers compatibility with many SQL standards, which is a valuable addition to this database management system. This cooperation allows you to move applications between different database systems. In addition, using the software you can experience the option to define your own data types, indexes, aggregating functions, etc., which allow you to perform many types of complex operations.

Open source software

The software in question belongs to the open source type. This means that its source code is publicly available. This gives everyone the right to freely use and distribute it according to their own needs and without any licensing costs. The open source nature also means that the software is constantly being developed by many companies and individual users.

Security issues

PostgreSQL comes with high-quality access control mechanisms, with which any administrator can manage the necessary user permissions to the data and operations contained in the database. In addition, the software supports authentication protocols using passwords, certificates and authentication tied directly to the operating system. The level of security is also increased by the option to encrypt data collected in the database. This is an additional option that protects against unauthorized access.

Community and support

A feature that speaks for using PostgreSQL is the community, which is a huge support for anyone looking for any kind of guidance on the web. Specialists dedicated to the software unite on many channels to help find the right solutions. In addition, they are constantly developing knowledge resources, so that the experience they have gained translates into comfortable use of PostgreSQL capabilities.

Replication and scalability

There are various replication mechanisms in PostgreSQL. Among them are synchronous and asynchronous replication, which are responsible for maintaining copies of data for greater system availability and vertical scalability. Worth mentioning is table partitioning, which is responsible for efficient management of large data sets and better use of hardware resources.

ACID compatibility

PostgreSQL features ACID compliance. This is an acronym derived from the words Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability and stands for the guarantee of data reliability and integrity in the event of a system failure or other inconvenience. This is a very important aspect from the perspective of applications with high security and reliability requirements.

Why you should consider using PostgreSQL capabilities

When choosing an open source database, it is worth betting on a solution characterized by its reliability and the capabilities it has at its disposal. PostgreSQL is a good choice for developers of modern applications due to the capabilities it provides to each user. Scalability, security, stability, performance are just a few of the many synonyms that define this noteworthy software. It is also an interesting proposition from the perspective of developers, as the active community around PostgreSQL provides an attractive motivation to take advantage of the capabilities of this 30+ year old solution.

Which projects is PostgreSQL suitable for?

Due to its versatility, PostgreSQL software will be the right choice for both small, medium and large applications. Whether you are going to develop a web application or a mobile application, in both cases it will be a perfect complement to other technologies. Especially in terms of data storage, which for both web platforms and mobile applications based on iOS and Android operating systems is extremely important. PostgreSQL can also be used in the development of CMS, analytics applications, online games, as well as IoT solutions. It is up to the development team how much they want to explore its potential.

Create the dream app for your business with the support of Railwaymen

Railwaymen is a software house that has been on the market for more than a dozen years. We are engaged on a daily basis in providing the highest quality solutions for software development and various types of applications.

What distinguishes us is our experienced staff, who are eager to use their knowledge and skills to provide the client with the best possible quality of services. All our realizations are distinguished not only by their functionality, but also by advanced testing that checks every last detail before putting the product into the hands of the client. We offer the necessary support at every stage of the project and help you choose between native and cross-platform development.

Railwaymen also boasts knowledge of the realities of many industries. In our previous activities, we have had the opportunity to create projects for companies in the areas of: FinTech, MarTech, EdTech, FoodTech, Construction and many others.

Our Railwaymen team is eager to take on any challenge

What makes clients eager to work with us in the first place is our experienced team. On our board you will find experts with seniority of 2, 5, 8 or even 13 years in the company. Not every company can boast such an experienced yet close-knit team. About 42% of all positions in the company are seniors, who, in addition to having advanced skills, share them with the rest of the team.

What makes Railwaymen unique?

Our efforts are to constantly develop while meeting the expectations of our customers. We look for areas that can make us stand out from the crowd and make our company worth trusting. Here are a few of them that make us unique.
We use more than 30 diverse technologies to develop our projects
We build apps that truly increase our clients revenue (from +70 k active app users monthly to collecting $3 Million in Funding – we made it happen)
42% of our staff are experts with senior level experience
We value long-standing business relationships (our cooperation with ProEst has been continuous since 2015)
Dealing with different time zones is not a problem (the experience we gained in working with clients from the USA or the GCC region allowed us to develop a work system in such cases, and thanks to the available online tools we have no problem with real-time communication with the client)
We have earned the title of Best Web Developers in Poland by Clutch.

Why should you start cooperation with Railwaymen?

we offer specialized expertise in Ruby on Rails, a powerful framework for building web apps quickly and efficiently
we develop software solutions that are scalable, maintainable, and of high quality
we advise our customers on the best approach to mobile development, whether native or cross-platform, based on project scope and requirements

we provide end-to-end web and mobile development solutions, from software architecture to UX/UI design, development, and testing

we ensure a smooth delivery process
we take steps to improve our customers’ online visibility
we provide custom web development solutions tailored to different industries
we help customers achieve their web and mobile development goals efficiently and effectively

What are the most important technical aspects of projects that Railwaymen focus on?

The most important is the architecture of the entire solution, where we decide whether to separately spin out the front-end by doing a single page app or undertake a collective integration. In addition, we make sure to use the latest versions of the tools we use during the implementation of each project. We also take advantage of a large number of additional libraries that implement functionalities like authentication or authorization. In the case of external integrations, we try to do research on new libraries and available solutions for them. During the final stage of development, we take care of the infrastructure. For this, we work with our in-house DevOps team to offer customers professional cloud solutions that are scalable. We have extensive experience in working on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and can offer the support of developers with certified skills in this area.

What are the prices of PostgreSQL services at Railwaymen?

Depending on the size of the project, the level of experience required and other factors, the price of PostgreSQL services can vary. Some service providers may offer a fixed price for the entire project, while others may charge an hourly rate. It’s important to discuss pricing and payment terms with service providers before starting work. At Railwaymen, the price for PostgreSQL services is determined based on prior meetings with the client, where the scope of the project and the details of its implementation are determined. Having a full set of information, we are able to estimate the exact costs of application development.

Depending on the customer's needs, we have two types of payments:

Fixed Price

Time & 
Material Cost

we mostly recommend

Our projects that were developed using PostgreSQL


CostTracker is a cloud-based platform that helps companies save time and money by completely controlling costs in the organization. It is a tool that enables the creation of purchase order databases that can be properly automated. With CostTracker, any purchase order can be easily created, approved, archived and invoiced. This digital process management saves time and is easy to use. The platform makes it possible to track costs in real time in the companies covered by the system. In addition, CostTracker guarantees convenient administration, which translates into the creation of databases, orders or efficient management of human resources.


Hydr was built in response to customers’ invoicing needs. Thanks to the software used by Railwaymen and the implementation of a multi-stage onboarding process, the customer verification has become much simpler, and as a result, the processing time for an average invoicing decision has been radically reduced. Hydr has been integrated with as many as 7 external tools which translates into a level of security, credit rating and a guarantee of reliable verification. The software allows a high degree of automation, which allows for less analyst involvement, and so for a lower cost.


Snapbus is an innovative app, co-owned by German rail carrier Deutsche Bahn, that enables the rental of public transportation vehicles. Available on mobile and web platforms, Snapbus offers high-quality buses with qualified drivers, providing comfortable and safe group travel. The app allows users to book routes, forecast prices and customize rides. An administration panel is available for representatives of transportation companies to review and accept ride requests. Snapbus is a one-stop solution that makes it easy to organize and pay for group travel while staying true to the values of traditional public transportation.


Alamar is a leading operator of quick service restaurant chains based in Saudi Arabia, North Africa and Pakistan. The company is the exclusive representative of brands such as Domino’s Pizza and Dunkin’ Donuts. Railwaymen’s role in this project was to develop the eWallet in the client’s application. The scope of our work included creating the API and preparing the admin panel according to the guidelines. The result of our work will soon be published as a Case Study on our website.

Here are our customers' testimonials of working with Railwaymen:

The team’s ability to align with our goals is outstanding. We needed a full-stack development partner and Railwaymen has delivered up to our expectations. They understand the product and what we want to achieve for our clients.

Tore Andreas Hansen & Torstein Floden,

CostTracker Founders
After speaking with several development agencies, we retained Railwaymen to turn our raw idea into first a clickable prototype for which we could obtain customer feedback, and second, into functioning software. They handled 100% of the design and development.

Railwaymen is a first class, high-quality operation which charges reasonable rates and does great work. We are extremely happy with the relationship, and plan to stay with Railwaymen through future versions of the software. Creative design and problem-solving have had the biggest impact on my impression. But the unwavering support and patience of their team is a close second.

Nicola Weedall,

Co-Founder, Hydr

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