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React in a nutshell

React is a free and open-source JavaScript library utilized for building user interfaces, particularly for creating dynamic and interactive web applications. Facebook developed React in 2013 and it has since become a common tool used by developers worldwide. As of now, over a million websites use React, making it a vital component of every IT stack. The core of React uses a component-based architecture. These components are the building blocks of React applications, representing reusable and self-contained UI elements.

Why Use React for your projects?

As Railwaymen, we’ve been active in the IT industry for over 14 years and frequently harness the power and versatility of React in our web and mobile development projects. React is a cornerstone of our development process, permitting us to create highly functional and user-friendly applications tailored to our customers’ evolving needs. It’s a fantastic business choice, as it saves money and effort, significantly reduces time-to-market, and is easy to modify, expand, and update at any time, even by different teams.

Benefits of Using React in Web Development

Improved Performance

React uses a virtual Document Object Model (DOM) that efficiently updates and renders only necessary components during changes. This facilitates better performance and shorter page load times.

Rapid Development

React’s modular and reusable coding architecture contributes to the swift development of stand-alone parts that undertake specific operations. This makes complex web applications easier to design and manage, and also minimizes the production time for sophisticated applications.


Via server-side rendering (SSR), applications designed with React can be made SEO-compatible. SSR facilitates search engine crawling and indexing of web app content, which helps in boosting visibility in search results.


React allows developers to reuse existing components instead of building everything from scratch, saving time and reducing costs.


The modular design and component-based architecture of React are key to easy scalability. It streamlines the expansion of functionalities and adaptation to future needs.


React is supported by Facebook, one of the biggest technology companies worldwide and has gained wide acceptance within the developer and business community. It’s been successfully implemented on high-traffic websites and apps like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and Airbnb.


React provides a stable and dependable development environment, giving developers the reassurance of consistent and long-term support.


React guarantees a wide range of possibilities through its variants. Besides the standard React library, there are options like Next.js and Astro.js, both frameworks providing SSR.

Interested in knowing more about React possibilities?

Interactive Web Applications

A responsive design not only increases user engagement but is also characterized by speed and lightweight components.

Minimum Viable Product

Optimize your product testing process to minimize costs while gathering valuable user feedback. This will allow you to make necessary refinements that can attract more stakeholders.

Single Page Applications

Develop a highly responsive and captivating user experience that offers lightning-fast loading times, exceptional interactivity, and an addictive quality.

Progressive Web Apps

Increase your reach by prioritizing full responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility, ensuring your product is intended for a wide audience. Use push notifications to maintain constant engagement and make sure your brand remains the most important for users.

eCommerce Website

Boost your sales by implementing industry-leading eCommerce practices that prioritize top-notch security and stable payment systems.

Instant Messaging Applications

Develop an instant messaging app that prioritizes speed, performance, and user-friendliness by leveraging reusable components. This approach ensures efficient development and maintenance while delivering a smooth and enjoyable messaging experience for users.

Enterprise Web Applications

Deploy a reliable and secure application that is specifically customized to meet the unique needs of your business. This tailor-made solution will provide a stable and protected environment for your business operations.

Social Networks Web Applications

Build a robust networking application capable of efficiently handling large volumes of user traffic, allowing people to connect and interact with each other seamlessly. This application should be designed to scale effectively, ensuring smooth performance even as the user base grows.

Cross–platform Mobile Applications

Raise accessibility by ensuring your users can make use of your product through various platforms.

Why is React JS Ideal for Your Project?

React is a good choice for your project due to its versatility, strong community support, performance optimizations, and support for building progressive web apps (PWAs). With React, you can develop front-end user interfaces for various types of applications, including web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps, and static websites. The extensive community of React developers provides a wide range of tools and libraries, making it easier to prototype and develop your application. React’s virtual DOM enables efficient rendering, updating only the necessary parts of the UI, resulting in improved performance and responsiveness. 

Choose Railwaymen for Your Development Needs

At Railwaymen, our commitment lies in delivering exceptional software development services for both web and mobile applications. We have a team of proficient developers who specialize in crafting tailored web and mobile apps that cater to the specific requirements of our clients.

When it comes to mobile app development, we construct fully functional and visually appealing applications that undergo rigorous testing to ensure their quality. Based on the scope of your project, we can offer guidance on whether to opt for native or cross-platform development. Furthermore, our expertise extends to developing Rails-backed applications for multiple operating systems, available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

In web app development, we create custom solutions for various industries : FinTech, MarTech, EdTech, FoodTech, Construction and many others. Our experienced developers ensure that you receive a high-quality implementation. 

What makes Railwaymen unique?

Our essential goal is to always improve while satisfying our clients’ expectations. We seek for areas where we may stand out from the competition and make our software house worth trusting. Here are a few of the characteristics that distinguish us.
We employ more than 30 diverse technologies to develop our projects
We build apps that truly increase our clients’ revenue (from +70 k active app users monthly to collecting $3 Million in Funding – we made it happen)
Dealing with different time zones is not a problem (the experience we gained in working with clients from the USA or the GCC region allowed us to develop a work system in such cases, and thanks to the available online tools we have no problem with real-time communication with the client)
42% of our staff are seniors experts with 2, 5, 8, or even 13 years of corporate experience.
We value long-standing business relationships
We have earned the title of Best Web Developers in Poland by Clutch.

Why should you start cooperation with Railwaymen?

we offer specialized expertise in React, a powerful framework for building perfect user interfaces

we develop software solutions that are scalable, maintainable, and of high quality
we advise our customers on the best approach to mobile development, whether native or cross-platform, based on project scope and requirements

we provide end-to-end web and mobile development solutions, from software architecture to UX/UI design, development, and testing

we ensure a smooth delivery process
we take steps to improve our customers’ online visibility
we provide custom web development solutions tailored to different industries
we help customers achieve their web and mobile development goals efficiently and effectively

Depending on the customer's needs, we have two types of payments:

Fixed Price

Time & 
Material Cost

we mostly recommend

Our projects that were developed using React


CostTracker is a cutting-edge cloud-based FinTech platform that helps businesses save time and money by giving them complete control over their expenditures. The major feature of the program is a comprehensive purchasing management system that allows you to order things from numerous vendors and plan spending ahead of time.


ProEst is a cloud-based construction software that integrates a wide range of project management functions and assists in the development of customized mechanisms for creating cost estimates for tenders. This program allows you to save files and adjust estimating and design procedures. ProEst’s clients include significant, well-known construction enterprises, both private and public.


Shawarmer is a bilingual software designed for the FoodTech industry in the GCC region. It operates on both iOS and Android operating systems, providing a seamless platform for efficient food ordering and delivery. With its user-friendly interface, customers can easily access and pay for catering services, while also having the option to rate their experience once the transaction is complete. Additionally, Shawarmer serves as a valuable analytics tool for restaurants. By gathering data on individual transactions, owners can perform detailed analyses through the administration panel. The App serves as a vital support system for restaurants in the GCC region.


JMA is an online marketing automation application designed for small law firms. The idea was to assist them in improving their marketing so that they can attract more and better consumers. The software provides essential legal material that can be distributed to targeted clients via email marketing. This online application helps law firms increase website registrations, attract customers through referrals, and create and improve instructional content on their blogs.


Frindow is a social networking platform committed to reducing loneliness and isolation via the formation of new connections based on shared interests and situations. The idea is to connect and engage you with new individuals who are in the same circumstance as you.

Here are our customers' testimonials of working with Railwaymen:

The team’s ability to align with our goals is outstanding. We needed a full-stack development partner and Railwaymen has delivered up to our expectations. They understand the product and what we want to achieve for our clients.

Tore Andreas Hansen & Torstein Floden,

CostTracker Founders
Overall, I really liked their management and after viewing their portfolio, they seemed very capable of doing what I wanted. Also, they were very supportive of the project itself, which was important to me. More than just being willing to do it, they understood what I was trying to achieve and were keen on helping me obtain my objectives.

I’m very fortunate to have the partnership that I’ve had with them. Their team appreciates that we’re a startup and privately-funded project. I’ve received tremendous amounts of work compared to the amount of money I’ve given them.

Marcus Hamilton,

Founder & CEO, Frindow Ltd.
Railwaymen team helped us in rebuilding our Mobile applications with strong base. Their professionality made the process very smooth and fast. We did this in very short time even we had a lot of obstacles. Building the base in very professional way and as per the standard with the alignment of the up-to date technology helped us to start another project with them (KIOSK “self-service”) in very short notice and finished it as planned.

Abdulaziz AlMusaireae,

Brand Extension Director, Shawarmer
Our search for the right development team lasted for a month, interviewing over 30 companies. We are confident that our decision to go with Railwaymen was the perfect choice. Not only do you have direct access to the executive team but have a development staff with knowledge and creativity that is unmatched. We highly recommend adding them as your extended development team.

Jeff Gerardi,

President/CEO, ProEst
Well we went through a competitive tender process with three software development houses, all of whom were recommended to us from within our network. We chose Railwaymen because we feel like the projects that these guys had worked on before are very much in line with what we are trying to deliver. We’ve built a great rapport with the team, so Łukasz (Railwaymen CEO) was the person that we spoke to initially, and yet we just felt the right fit for us as a business of what we were trying to achieve.

Jim Pawell,

Co-Founder of Marketing Amplifier

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