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All you need to know about Vue.js

Vue.js is one of the most popular frameworks for advanced UI design in applications.. This is an example of a progressive JavaScript complementary framework, which owes its popularity to its ease of use, flexibility and straightforward integration. It’s a solution that targets both developers starting out in programming and more advanced professionals. Vue.js can be used in two ways, as an integrator with existing projects, as well as a base component for new projects.

What makes Vue.js valued by the development community?

​​There are many advantages to using Vue.js when designing applications. However, in order to achieve the final form of the UI, one must go through many preceding stages. Among other things, declarative rendering with its concise template syntax makes for faster development and easier to read code. Another asset is the component-based architecture affecting codebase organization and development speed as well.

However, the main factor behind the success of Vue.js is the community which has grown around the framework. There is a large ecosystem of community-created content such as libraries, tools and various plugins. Thanks to the community’s commitment developers don’t have to write their own solutions from scratch as often, and can stay up to date with the latest developments and trends, or ask for help.

Benefits of using Vue.js in Web Development

Easy to learn and flexible to adjust

Vue.js is a framework that is considered by the programming community to be easy to learn for less experienced coders, which makes it popular with young programmers. Its simplicity lies in its syntax and intuitive and comprehensive documentation.


Vue.js will work perfectly both in smaller projects and in the case of larger application projects. The size of the implementation does not directly translate into its functionality.


Every time there is a change in the data, the user interface updates automatically and instantly. This means that the framework adapts smoothly to changing conditions without the need to write additional code to manipulate the DOM.

Modularity and Components

Vue.js implements a component-oriented approach , which means that programmers can create more modular and reusable code. This feature favors the structuring of the project and helps maintain the readability of the code.

Easy integration

Vue.js works well with other libraries and does not conflict with other frameworks present in the project, which is especially convenient when integrating the framework into existing applications.

Large Community and Ecosystem

Vue.js is very popular among developers, which means that many common problems can be solved using community-made open source solutions.

Dedicated Debugging Tools

Vue.js provides official development tools, such as Vue DevTools, that make it simple to troubleshoot issues and assess application performance.

What projects should you use Vue.js for?

Vue.js is a flexible framework that can be used in application projects of various types and technological characteristics. It fits perfectly with SPAs (Single Page Applications), which allow the user to navigate the app without visible reloads, making for a smoother and more immediate interaction. The framework is often used for prototyping due to the development speed it can provide.

Vue.js implements an approach that uses dynamic elements on the website, thanks to easy state management and high interface reactivity. This is particularly useful in the case of e-commerce solutions that benefit from interactive shopping carts, dynamic product filtering, or even framework elements that influence the usability of the application.

Vue.js is also an excellent tool for developing CMSs that require tools for creating and editing content in real time. It is especially appreciated by the community when it comes to creating administration panels, CRM applications and data analysis tools.

Interested in knowing more about Vue.js possibilities?

Two-Way Data Binding

Vue.js enables easy and effective two-way data binding. The role of this assumption is that changes to the user interface are automatically reflected in the data and conversely.


The structure of Vue.js is based on components, which are designed to improve modularity and code reusability. Components have a positive impact on application development.


Vue.js has a number of built-in directives that are responsible for easier DOM manipulation and rendering content in a dynamic way.


The reactivity system is designed to automatically keep track of any dependencies that occur between data and the user interface, leading to efficient view updates when data changes.

Built-in Filters

Ability to use built-in filters such as uppercase, currency, and date, making it easier to manipulate data in templates.

Community Support

The extensive community and increased activity in the Vue.js ecosystem, directly impacts the availability of many additional tools, libraries and extensions.

Take advantage of the technological solutions provided by Railwaymen

At Railwaymen, we focus on consistently providing our clients with the highest quality software development services using equally proven and dependable tools. Our team consists of qualified programmers who focus on providing web and mobile solutions that answer the needs of users.

When creating mobile applications, we try to ensure that they not only stand out visually, but are also functional, practical and easy to use. Therefore, our implementations are preceded by a phase of rigorous testing to adapt to the recipients’ dependence and the entire market in which our clients operate. Many years of activity and contact with various branches of business make us willing to share our observations and tips, which may translate into the final success of the application.

We provide native and multi-platform solutions depending on individual preferences. Our technological backbone is Rails, which is compatible with many operating systems. This flexibility means that our designs can be downloaded from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Over the course of several years of activity, we have cooperated with partners from the areas of FinTech, MarTech, EdTech, FoodTech, Construction and more, providing them with applications that expand their capabilities in the digital space.

Specialists from Railwaymen are ready to take on even the most demanding challenges

Our clients are initially enticed to working with us because of the length of our team’s experience. We have specialists in Ruby on Rails in our team that have worked for the organization from several to even 13 years. This is a feature that distinguishes us from the competition available on the market. Senior-level employees make up about 42% of the workforce at our organization. These individuals not only have advanced talents but also actively participate in team knowledge exchange.

Choose Railwaymen for Your Development Needs

At Railwaymen, our commitment lies in delivering exceptional software development services for both web and mobile applications. We have a team of proficient developers who specialize in crafting tailored web and mobile apps that cater to the specific requirements of our clients.

When it comes to mobile app development, we construct fully functional and visually appealing applications that undergo rigorous testing to ensure their quality. Based on the scope of your project, we can offer guidance on whether to opt for native or cross-platform development. Furthermore, our expertise extends to developing Rails-backed applications for multiple operating systems, available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

In web app development, we create custom solutions for various industries : FinTech, MarTech, EdTech, FoodTech, Construction and many others. Our experienced developers ensure that you receive a high-quality implementation. 

What makes Railwaymen unique?

Our efforts are to constantly develop while meeting the expectations of our customers. We look for areas that can make us stand out from the crowd and make our company worth trusting. Here are a few of them that make us unique.
We use more than 30 diverse technologies to develop our projects
We build apps that truly increase our clients revenue (from +70 k active app users monthly to collecting $3 Million in Funding – we made it happen)
42% of our staff are experts with senior level experience
We value long-standing business relationships (our cooperation with ProEst has been continuous since 2015)
We have earned the titles of Best Ruby on Rails Developers in Poland, as well as Best Web Developers in Poland by Clutch.
Dealing with different time zones is not a problem (the experience we gained in working with clients from the USA or the GCC region allowed us to develop a work system in such cases, and thanks to the available online tools we have no problem with real-time communication with the client)

Why should you start cooperation with Railwaymen?

we offer specialized expertise in Vue.js, a powerful framework for building perfect user interfaces

we develop software solutions that are scalable, maintainable, and of high quality
we advise our customers on the best approach to mobile development, whether native or cross-platform, based on project scope and requirements

we provide end-to-end web and mobile development solutions, from software architecture to UX/UI design, development, and testing

we ensure a smooth delivery process
we take steps to improve our customers’ online visibility
we provide custom web development solutions tailored to different industries
we help customers achieve their web and mobile development goals efficiently and effectively

What are the most important technical aspects of projects that Railwaymen focus on?

The most important is the architecture of the entire solution, where we decide whether to separately spin out the front-end by doing a single page app or undertake a collective integration. In addition, we make sure to use the latest versions of the tools we use during the implementation of each project.

We also take advantage of a large number of additional libraries that implement functionalities like authentication or authorization. In the case of external integrations, we try to do research on new libraries and available solutions for them.

During the final stage of Rails development, we take care of the infrastructure. For this, we work with our in-house DevOps team to offer customers professional cloud solutions that are scalable. We have extensive experience in working on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and can offer the support of developers with certified skills in this area.

What are the prices of Vue.js services at Railwaymen?

Depending on the size of the project, the level of experience required and other factors, the price of Ruby on Rails services can vary. Some service providers may offer a fixed price for the entire project, while others may charge an hourly rate. It’s important to discuss pricing and payment terms with service providers before starting work. At Railwaymen, the price for Vue.js services is determined based on prior meetings with the client, where the scope of the project and the details of its implementation are determined. Having a full set of information, we are able to estimate the exact costs of application development.

Depending on the customer's needs, we have two types of payments:

Fixed Price

Time & 
Material Cost

we mostly recommend

Our projects that were developed using Vue.js


Hydr was built in response to customers’ invoicing needs. Thanks to the software used by Railwaymen and the implementation of a multi-stage onboarding process, the customer verification has become much simpler, and as a result, the processing time for an average invoicing decision has been radically reduced. Hydr has been integrated with as many as 7 external tools which translates into a level of security, credit rating and a guarantee of reliable verification. The software allows a high degree of automation, which allows for less analyst involvement, and so for a lower costs.


Saltegra is an application that has changed the management of company processes, resulting in enhanced productivity and a more simplified approach by reducing dependency on external technologies. This creative solution meets the needs of important stakeholders in the client’s business by integrating several capabilities in a smooth manner. This is an easy-to-use tool for a wide range of users, including service recipients and engineers. The client’s particular industry focus made the project extremely challenging, requiring Saltegra to build up extensive industry knowledge from scratch and customize solutions to fit the particular realities of the sector.


Shawarmer is a bilingual software designed for the FoodTech industry in the GCC region. It operates on both iOS and Android operating systems, providing a seamless platform for efficient food ordering and delivery. With its user-friendly interface, customers can easily access and pay for catering services, while also having the option to rate their experience once the transaction is complete. Additionally, Shawarmer serves as a valuable analytics tool for restaurants. By gathering data on individual transactions, owners can perform detailed analyses through the administration panel. The App serves as a vital support system for restaurants in the GCC region.


Evally is an internal tool that will work well in many business environments. It’s a web application that integrates features responsible for the process of employee evaluation and recruitment of candidates. While Evally currently supports the Railwaymen team in their day-to-day work, it has the potential to make an appearance in other areas. HR and EB processes in Railwaymen run more smoothly with this solution.


Teamle is an essential tool within the Railwaymen ecosystem, meant to streamline and improve the feedback process on the work done by the dedicated team members. With the help of this cutting-edge platform, which offers facilitated 1:1 meetings, motivated initiators may now meet with specific employees whenever it’s most convenient for them. The main goal of Teamle is to promote transparent and productive dialogue, allowing both staff members and advocates to participate in significant conversations that go beyond conventional forms of feedback.

Here are our customers' testimonials of working with Railwaymen:

Well we went through a competitive tender process with three software development houses, all of whom were recommended to us from within our network. We chose Railwaymen because we feel like the projects that these guys had worked on before are very much in line with what we are trying to deliver. We’ve built a great rapport with the team, so Łukasz (Railwaymen CEO) was the person that we spoke to initially, and yet we just felt the right fit for us as a business of what we were trying to achieve.

Nicola Weedall,

Co-Founder, Hydr
Railwaymen has proven to be a trusted partner in new product introductions and early prototypes. Their skilled engineers always aim for the perfect balance between outcome now and future scale. In addition, they don’t stay with a narrow view of our first solution. Their team helpfully provides recommendations for future opportunity and growth in the solutions they develop as well. Finally, their team is extremely communicative and punctual and gives a high level of transparency; it makes it quite easy to work with them.

Rion Angeles,

Technical Advisor, Saltegra

Learn more about Vue.js from our dedicated resources


Szymon Chodzidło

Introduction to Vue Basics [VIDEO]

Developers are looking for the best tools, techniques, and solutions to build successful applications. Improvement is part of our job. Vue was born from the need to connect complex web framework features and simplicity in use. That’s why 2 years ago, it aroused my interest.


Szymon Chodzidło

Vue vs React - Which One is Better for Your App? Similarities & Differences

Some time ago, I decided to improve my skills related to frontend parts of web applications. From a list of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, I chose Vue and it was a love from the first ‘To-do List’. The fruit of that love is Evally – an open-source single page application to evaluate and manage employees correspondingly to their soft and technical skills.


Anna Klepacka

[Railwaymen FAQ] Web and Mobile Development With Us

Ruby on Rails web framework is our leading technology. Recently, our RoR developers extended their knowledge, so if your projects require Vue.js, Angular.js, React.js or Golang, it is no problem for us. Furthermore, we use both native (for iOS & Android) and cross-platform technologies to provide.

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